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  What is Screen printing?

Screen printing or silk screening is a printing technique that at the heart of the process involves a fine mesh or screen that is tightly stretched around a rigid frame. The screen is burned with an image which allows for ink to be applied by pushing the ink through the mesh with a squeegee. 
Multiple colored prints require a screen for each color. A design that requires six different colors would require 6 different screens. The screens are usually placed on a rotary press that allows the different color prints to be properly aligned or registered with each other. 


  What is Heat Press?

  What is Embroidery?

Here at Critical Screenprinting we go out of our way to provide our customers with various apparel options with the understanding that no two jobs are the same. Our apparel manufacturers offer durability and quality at an affordable price. Allowing us to pass those savings to you with and offer a peace of mind that you'll get the quality product you deserve.
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